Our Services

The Objective For Which Company is established are :

  • Trading of Agricultural and farm produces.
  • Trading of Forest products and value-added wood-based products.
  • Trading of Animal by-products and Animal feed.
  • Trading of Marine products.
  • Trading of Fertilizer and insecticides.
  • Trading of Chemicals and dyes.
  • Trading of Factory utensils and raw mateial.
  • Trading of Household goods.
  • Trading of Personal goods.
  • Trading of Construction materials and paints.
  • Trading of Electrical and electronic products.
  • Trading of Vehicles, Machinery and spares.
  • Trading of Tools and implement.
  • Trading of Medicines and medical equipment.
  • Trading of Foodstuff and general merchandise.
  • Trading of Textile and garment.
  • Trading of Paper, stationary and photographic stores.
  • Trading of Office equipment and educational supplies.
  • Growing, producing, harvesting, perserving, padking, milling and manufacturing of agricultural and farm products.
  • Felling extracting (with the permission from the authorities concerned) milling and manufacturing, perserving and seasoning of timber(excluding-teak) and forest products.
  • Livestock breeding, processing and canning of livestock products.
  • Finishing preserving, milling, canning and processing of marine products.
  • Producing fertilizers, insecticides and animal feeds.
  • Manufacturing of personal goods.
  • Manufacturing of household goods.
  • Manufacturing of vehicles, machineries and spares.
  • Manufacturing of arts and crafts, lacquerwares and furniture.
  • Manufacturing of construction materials and paints.
  • Manufacturing of factory utencils.
  • Manufacturing of electrical and electronic goods.
  • Manufacturing of textile, garments and clothing.
  • To carry on the business of explanation, exploitation, production, processing of minerals and marketing of its products with the permission of the Government.
  • All kinds of agency business, techinical consultants, business consultants, management consultants and advisory services.
  • Advertising and its agency business.
  • Business of entertainments and related activities.
  • Business of all kinds of medical services.
  • Business of transporation(except railways and airways).
  • Business of printing and publishing.
  • Business of surveying and inspection.
  • Business of feasibility study on new projects, projects formulation, project appraisal and project evalution.
  • Business of Account writing, Auditing and legal advisory services.
  • Business of servicing, maintenance of repairing of all kinds of vehicles and machines.
  • Business of installation, maintenance and renovation of electrical and electronic goods.
  • Construction
  • Gems
  • Travels & Tours
  • Hotels
  • Macro Finance And Financial Services.

Work Experience

  1. Yangon City Hotel
  2. Trader Hotel - UN Office all Renovation Project
  3. Mandalay Mall(Tamwe)
  4. Dagon E.P.C Manager's Office and Quarter
  5. Mawlamyine Hospital (300 Beds)
  6. Mawlamyine Prime Minister's Housing Project
  7. Pinpet Steel Mill Factory
  8. Hlaing Tet Factory / Housing Project
  9. B.E.H.S (1) Taung Gyi
  10. Dawei E.P.C Division Office
  11. Tharzi - Nyaung Oo Sub-Station of Electricity
  12. Nay Pyi Taw - Alar Airport Project
  13. Tzuchi Foundation Donation Elementary School Project
  14. Housing Development Project (North Okkalapa)
  15. Bored Pile Project of 18 Storey Building (Yanada-Ayarwun)
  16. 42nd Street High Rise Building (Botahtaung)
  17. Law Ka Nut Housing
  18. Aung Myae Tharsi Housing
  19. Nay Pyi Taw - Residential Housing
  20. Over (50) Residential Housing Projects